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  E-Soft Hostel Management System


E-Soft Hostel Management System is a full-featured Property Management System designed specifically for the educational institution or private hostel owners to manage their residential facilities. It provides a cutting-edge solution with a more systematic, organize and efficient means of managing a hostel. The system also offers a more transparent environment with a higher level of security, at the same time ensuring an easy access to all the vital information.

Software Specification

 User Management
As an effort to support the different requirements for various parties, the system is coming with a user management module to control the user access right. The admin could create multiple users from different departments and levels as well as determine their access limit in each module. With that, all the departments would be able to use the system at the same time having control on the access of the sensitive information.
 Student/Resident Master
The database for the Students and Residents could be maintained in the master file of the system. It records the personal information of the residents and their stay history that allows the users to access in no time.
 Room & Rate Master
The room master file helps the user to maintain the room and bed information, each being assigned with a unique number. As for the room rate maintenance, the users could determine the accommodation package rate either by day, month or semester for each room/bed type.
 Reservation Management
E-Soft Hostel Management System offers the function for the users to manage incoming reservation systematically. The module is ready to be integrated with the Online Booking System, which enables the residents to place their reservations online. Also, the system comes with an Availability module that is useful in checking the property availability in real time.
 Transaction Management
After check in, the system could help to take care of the monetary transactions of the residents via the Transaction module. The transaction information will be recorded in separate folio, which keep track on all the charges incurred and payment remitted by the specific resident. Besides, the system is able to post the recurring charges such as room charge, Car Park charge, etc periodically based on the settings in transaction master. Other Ad-Hoc transactions like penalty or Internet charge could also be inserted manually to the folio as and when it is needed.
E-Soft Hostel Management System offers a vast simplicity for the users in handling the residents billing issues. Specifically, the users are able to monitor the outstanding balance and flag the overdue cases in order to smoothen the follow-up procedure. Additionally, billing related documents such as the Statement of Account, Invoice and Official Receipt could also be generated from the system.
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