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  E-Soft Trading System


E-Soft Trading System offers an all-in-one software that provide retail management solutions for trading company. The system consist of Product & Price Maintenance, Quotation, Sales Order Processing, Delivery & Invoicing System, Purchase Order Processing and Stock Control System.

Software Specification

  • Product & Price Maintenance
    The ability for Buyers and Suppliers to share and agree up-to-date, accurate Product and Price information is an essential element in Supply Chain Management Without this, pricing disputes, delivery mistakes and payment delays are inevitable.

    The Product Price maintenance enables real time sharing of Selling & Purchase price for a particular product.

  • Quotation
    The quotation module offers a faster and automated way for users to create full-fledged quotes with the customer names, quotation number and all the product-related information such as the part number and price. The module allows a fully customizable quotation format.

    Besides, paired with data extracted from the other modules, the users could generate an accurate and professional quotes and send them to the prospective customers with a single click.

  • Sales Order Processing
    The Sales Order Processing enables user to update the order received from the customer. Price verification against Product Selling Price by customer will be performed in the process of Sales Order updating.

    Sales Order Processing system enables user to keep track of Sales Order balance, delivery status, delivery schedule, sales status & etc.

  • Delivery & Invoicing System
    Delivery & Invoicing System understake the process of update of delivery details, print Delivery Order & update of Sales Order Balance.

    The Delivery Order consequently will be converted to Invoice. System enables user to track the realtime sales by delivery.

    The Invoice Processing System enables electronic invoicing and automatically processes the invoice to verify it against delivery information, and ensures that Buyers are only paying for goods actually received. This reduces errors and disputes later in the trading cycle.

  • Purchase Order Processing
    Purchase Order Processing enables user to create Purchase Order to replenish insufficient stock & tracking on the purchase items.

    System verify the purchase price, print Purchase Order, Delivery Date tracking & Receiving.

  • Stock Control System
    The sharing of accurate Order Information between Buyers and Suppliers is a critical success factor as efficient replenishment of goods and on-shelf availability are key to retaining customer loyalty and maximising profits.

    The manual processing of orders is labour intensive and slow thus undermining customer loyalty and hurting bottom line profits.


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